Healthcare for the Community


Erika Nohemi, a 5 year old from Matamoros, lost her leg below the right knee in an accident several years ago. Her prosthetic leg was ill fitting, hampering her development. Application was made to Shriner’s Hospital in Houston, and she was recently accepted as a patient. Dr. Nancy and Casa Bugambilia are working with Mexican and US authorities to receive the necessary authorizations for Erika Nohemi to travel to the US, and to provide all of the support to her family that is necessary so she can fully heal, including transportation, lodging and continuing medical care.

Juntos Servimos supports free medical consultations in both Matamoros and Ciudad Juarez, traveling into the community to actively seek out those in need of assistance. Help is also provided for follow-up testing, procedures, therapies, equipment and medications, paying for them if the family is unable. Assistance is also provided for families caring for seriously ill persons in their home. These persons live with a variety of physical and psychological problems, including seizures, cerebral palsy and schizophrenia. Treatment and medication are provided for the ill ones. Physical necessities and counsel are provided to the family.